日々の生活をより豊かで充実したものにする為ために、1軒のカフェを創ることから大規模な都市計画まで「同じ視点で開発する事 = プロデュースコンセプト」が大切だと考えております。そのため、私たちは、そこに住む人、働く人、集う人それぞれの「Style = スタイル」を重視し、「World = 世界中の」様々な事象や「Play = 遊び・楽しみ」を通じた体験からアイデアエッセンセンスを得て、プロジェクトを構築していきます。

In order to live a daily life what was richer and substantial, the "developing from same viewpoint = producing concept" thinks that it is important from making the cafe of one house to large-scale city planning.
Therefore, we think as important the "Style = style" of those who live there, those who work, and each those who gather, get an idea sense from experience which led various phenomena which "are World = world", and "Play = play and pleasure", and build a project.

Style is principle



In producing the town, commercial institution or new type of operation, we make a good consideration of develpment technique, viewpoint and originality of them to make a style. Style itself is our philosophy, and saurce of vitality to make a new trends.

No play, No work

遊び = 体験すること。


There are lot to learn in playing. To experience from out ob routine works through playing, in quite important and change our view into consumaer´s.

Experience the world

愉しく暮らすための“Style” = “知恵”は世界中にある。


One lovely town, shop, or scenery has its own style, we put tips that we experienced through seeing, touching, eating of the world into practice to make a style.